Umpire Blows Pefect Game

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There was two outs in the top of the Ninth and Armando Galarraga was on the mound with no hits off of him. He throw the ball towards home plate the batter hit the ball right between the second and first base. The first baseman ran towards the ball and scooped up the ground ball. The Galarraga ran over towards first and the first baseman throw the ball to Galarraga and the ball beat the run. The Detroit Tigers celebrated for a short amount of time. Then they heard umpire Jim Joyce yell “SAFE” with his arms fully stretched out. Everybody in the stadium was shocked at the call. After the game Joyce went over to Galarraga, apologized and said he made a bad call. On an interview with Joyce he said he made a horrible called and he finally got sleep over the call that he made. I think Joyce Made a realy bad call. But Galarraga says that they can’t go back now and change the call. I heard on ESPN that they said that Major League Baseball needs to put in instant replay not just for home runs, but also for close calls like that. They also said they shouldn’t have instant replay for balls and strikes, because the coaches would call an instant replay call for a lot of the balls and strikes, because the game would drag on for ever. I feel bad for Galarraga, but you can’t go back and change the call now, and life goes on.

Celtics on a Hot Streak

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The Boston Celtics came into the the series against the Orlando Magic looking good, coming off a series win over the Miami Heat. Now they’re 3-0 in the Semifinals vs. the Orlando Magic. I think that the Celtics have won the series.  I think that the Celtics are going to go to the NBA finals and become champions. I think that would be awesome for the Celtics if they won the NBA finals. But Monday night the Celtics lost to the Magic. I think the Lakers are going to win the Western Conference Finals, and then the Celtics are going to win the NBA Finals, and I hope they do.

Philadelphia Flyers @ Boston Bruins

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The Boston Bruins came into the playoffs looking pretty good. They opened a series against the Philadelphia Flyers. They won the first three games and need one more win to close the series. But then the Bruins lost the fourth game then the 5th then the 6th game. The series was tied 3-3 forcing a game seven. The Bruins lost game seven, and the Flyers won the series, making a historic comeback. I think the Bruins should have won the series with a 3-0 lead that is really good and then the Flyers come and win the next four. I think that the Flyers work together as a team a lot to get the series win over the Bruins. But the Bruins shouldn’t have lost the series.


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Colt Mccoy the star  player for the Texas Longhorns got picked in the third of the NFL draft which isn’t very good. But at least he gets to be in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns. I think that Colt Mccoy should have been up in the draft more, because Sam Bradford was the very first pick and in my opinion Colt Mccoy is better then Sam Bradford. Sam Bradford did not play in 2009 because of a shoulder injurym so I will explain his 2008 stats.In 2008 Sam Bradford had a compeletion average of  67.9 and Colt Mccoy and Colt Mccoy had a completion average of 76.7. I think how many yards you throw doesn’t matter at all because the compeletion average matters more because of how many passes he throw that were compeleted. That is why I think Colt Mccoy should have gotten picked before Sam Bradford, because he was out a full season last year and didn’t play. Bradford went to the Saint Louis Rams in the first round and Colt Mccoy went to the Cleveland Browns in the third round

Kevin Youkilis

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Kevin Youkilis is an all around baseball player. He has a career batting average of .292. He plays third base and first base, and got his first gold glove of his career in 2007. In this report I will explain Kevin Youkilis’ college and pro careers.

Kevin Youkilis was an unbeatable baseball player in college. Youkilis attended the University of Cincinnati. He played

third base for the division one baseball team. His college coach called him “pudby”, meaning fat. Even though the University of Cincinnati had Youkilis they finished one of their seasons 12-46. In his junior year, in 2000, he was a second-team All-American, and first-team All-Conference USA.

Kevin Youkilis has only played for the Red Sox. Youkilis has played for both of the Boston farm teams (Pawtucket Paw Sox, and Portland Sea Dogs). In Youkilis first major league game he homered off Cy Young award winner (1996) Pat Hantgen. In 2004, when the Red Sox where playing in the American League Division Series, Youkilis was on the roster. After the second game they took him off the roster, and the Red Sox won the World Series. Now is playing for the Red Sox full time and is get over $10 million a year. He has played for the American League All-Star team 2 time (2008 and 2009).

That is why Kevin Youkilis is an all around baseball player. In the future I think he will be better than ever, and get another Gold Glove.

Ryan Howard Signs 5 Year $125 Million Contract Extension With The Phillies

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Ryan Howard signed a $125 Million 5 year contract extension with the Philadelphia Phillies. Howards contract ends this year but now that he has signed the $125 Million 5 year contract extension he doesn’t have to worry about signing for another team next year.He said “It wasn’t a hard decision to make”. He has been playing for the Phillies for 6 years.

UConn Womens Basketball

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The University of Connecticut womens basketball team is #1 ranked in the NCAA ( National College Athletic Association) womens basketball is I think the best womens basketball team ever. Because First they have really good scores and have great defense. They played a game on 11/14/09 and the score was 105-35 University of Connecticut. The University of Connecticut has really good players, like tina charles her average Feild Goal percentige is %613. The University of Connecticut is %70 at three pointers.